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Vehicle mounted pet incinerator

Vehicle mounted pet incinerator

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Product introduction of vehicle mounted pet incinerator:


Animal incinerators are widely used in the treatment of laboratory animal carcasses, pets, farm waste, slaughterhouse waste, spoiled meat from food factories, zoos, dogs and other solid wastes.


Features of animal incinerator products:


The flue gas is incinerated for the second time. The burner adopts imported parts, which is easy to operate and easy to maintain. The residence time of flue gas is precisely designed to decompose the incompletely oxidized substances in the flue gas. Built in special eddy current oxygen replenishment system to ensure smoke - free, odorless and no secondary harm. Refractory material is made of high aluminum wear - resistant acid and alkali resistant material with high temperature resistance of 1300 ℃. The special heat preservation and heat storage materials are added in the furnace to improve the utilization rate of heat energy, reduce the fuel consumption and reduce the operation cost. There are a wide range of incineration wastes and the treatment speed is fast. It is easy to operate and stable in performance, without professional management. Compact structure, strong liquidity, on call, less investment and low maintenance cost.


Detailed introduction of animal incinerator system:


The furnace body is a chamber built on the upper part of the grate by refractory materials, thermal insulation materials and thermal insulation materials. The steel plate is wrapped to prevent the leakage of flue gas and make the surface temperature of the furnace body less than 50 ℃. The front door of the furnace body is provided with an observation port, and the second combustion chamber is equipped with induced draft fan, oxygen supply system, generator electric couple and distribution box. The furnace body is equipped with an operation platform. In the furnace, the flue gas washes the material from the bottom to the top, drying the moisture in the material, making the material ignite in time. Moreover, the front and rear arch refractory materials store heat and radiate the material, so as to ensure the material combustion temperature. The residence time of flue gas is prolonged, the organic matter in materials and fly ash is completely burned, and the destruction rate of harmful substances is improved. The furnace body is lined with high - temperature refractory material, the middle is thermal insulation material, and the outer layer is thermal insulation material, which can reduce the heat loss of the furnace body and improve the incineration efficiency; the outer surface uses steel plate as the protective layer to prevent air leakage; the refractory used is a kind of acid resistant flue gas corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant and high strength refractory jointly developed by our company and building materials research institute.


Operation process of animal incinerator

1 Turn on the power switch and the power indicator will be on.


2.  Turn on the oil circuit switch.


3 Open the door of animal incinerator and close the door after putting in the combustor.


4 Turn on the induced draft fan.


5 After the burner fan is turned on, turn on the ignition switch of the burner.


6 Observe the furnace temperature through the temperature display of the electric control cabinet. After the furnace temperature rises to 600 ℃, the temperature is adjusted and controlled at about 700 - 800 ℃.


7、 Observe the combustor through the observation window, and turn off the ignition switch of the burner after burning out.


(Note: do not turn off the burner fan). After the furnace temperature drops to 50 ℃, turn off the oil circuit switch, turn off the induced draft fan, and finally turn off the burner fan, turn off the main power supply, open the furnace door, take out the residue and clean up.


In particular, it is strictly forbidden to turn off the burner and induced draft fan under high temperature.


After sales service: our company's product warranty is one year (non - human factors) life - long warranty, the equipment does not include invoice installation freight, the company can technical personnel telephone guidance, according to the installation of equipment, door - to - door service, the details are subject to telephone communication, the company provides after - sales maintenance tracking service, all spare parts are supplied according to the ex factory price.


Model and parameters of vehicle mounted pet incinerator (Nanjing Iveco standard)


Cx - 50 model [kg] vehicle mounted pet incinerator weighs 0.8 tons, one combustion chamber, one burner, two combustion chambers, one induced draft fan (one burner can be added) distribution box, one generator (one motor, one self provided) oil tank, and other small parts are attached to the vehicle






Furnace diameter

Furnace length


CX - 50






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Vehicle mounted pet incinerator
Vehicle mounted pet incinerator
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