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Super Charger™ is a vitamin-packed supplement for your plants. Each capsule contains a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and trace minerals. Super Charger was formulated to provide your plants with the 'missing link' not found in standard vegetative and bloom nutrient formulas. Though a plant will grow with the basic N-P-K, it will not achieve it's full potential unless you can provide more. Super Charger is key to going beyond the basic needs of your plant.

Under normal conditions, plants synthesize their own vitamins. Vitamins are coenzymes involved in the activation of many vital plant enzymes. They are present naturally in the plant and are trans-located to where they are most needed. Higher concentrations of vitamins are often found within the leaves of the plant (chloroplasts, cell walls) where they are needed to neutralize potential oxidative damage. Using Super Charger as a foliar feed delivers the vitamins to where they are utilized the most. By offering readily available vitamins directly to your plants, they will grow more efficiently and surpass your expectations.

Each vitamin within a blend has a specific role. Growth regulators speed or inhibit growth at levels which can result in improper cell differentiation. Instead of adding these chemicals, we found a blend of vitamins which will effect your plant naturally.

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Super Charger
Super Charger
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