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Pantry nature strawberries - home yagodnitsa

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Every man to eat vegetables, berries and fruits, as it is very useful and even necessary. These products must be present in the diet of all people. But, unfortunately, they can be purchased is not all year round, and especially this regard to grapes. Strawberries, for example, generally present in the stores very short period of time. Of course, you can buy even in the winter or spring, but it is very expensive and unnaturally big and beautiful. Of course, such a result can not be achieved without the use of various chemicals, and it has a negative impact on the body.

If you are a fan of these berries and want to eat them more often than for 2 - 3 months a year, you'll need to store natural strawberry. This design is very interesting and practical, as you can see for yourself.


· It is convenient to use. Thanks to this device will grow strawberries as simply. This can be done even to those people who are very far from the cultivation of various crops;

· Low cost. Presented on the nature of strawberries store price is fully available, so buy it can be anyone;

· Savings. Through this acquisition yagodnitsy you can save on the purchase of strawberries, because you will have your own. It is much cheaper because you will not have to pay for the fruit every time - only 1 time in this box;

· Strawberries quickly grows and gives fruit, thanks to the abundance of nutrients that are present in the soil. You will be asked not to fertilize it, you will only need to water the seeds according to the instructions and wait for the most strawberries, and then - its fruits;

· Berries grown so very tasty and fragrant. This too has been achieved at the expense of quality fertile soil;

· Natural products. Having grown strawberries so at home at home, you can be sure that it is natural, and the berries do not contain harmful substances, because they have not been treated with no chemistry, as is usual in the case of purchased fruit;

· Originality. This exciting product will enjoy the children if you have them. Also it will be a wonderful gift that will not only surprise and please, but also will benefit.

Mode of application

A box of ready - planted seeds should be placed in a sunny spot (but not under strong direct sunlight) and sprayed with water daily.

Before using it is recommended to read the instructions from the manufacturer.


Because, as you know, the berries are very useful, it is desirable to eat more often. This Home yagodnitsa Pantry nature will allow you to have a strawberry, not when it appears in stores and when its price is affordable, and virtually any time you want. On your windowsill, or in any other place where you set a box of strawberries will be ready at any time of year, even in winter. This will allow you to surprise family, friends and, of course, to please yourself.

Pantry nature strawberries can even buy a man who absolutely does not understand anything in this area. Growing berries this method does not require any special knowledge or some skills. Also, such a development is suitable for people that have always dreamed to have a bed, but under certain circumstances they could not. What could be simpler than to grow something in your kitchen?

Please note that the strawberries from this yagodnitsy fruits about 3 years. This means that it is not only very convenient, but also allows great save! A period of ripening fruit is about 2 weeks. Qualitative fertile soil that is used in this design, allows to increase fruitful plant and accelerates their rate of growth.

Strawberries contain lots of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, alkaloids, iron, glycolic acid, flavonoids, antioxidants. Therefore, how useful it is for the modern man, who usually consume in food is much less useful fresh food than you need to know already, perhaps, everything.

On our site Pantry nature strawberries can be ordered, leaving the application. Once you contact our operators and the application will be confirmed, the product almost immediately sent to you. Using such an interesting modern design, you can always be on the table fresh strawberries. A variety of strawberry desserts will certainly become a signature dish, and will please the whole family.


exchange / return policy

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