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Differential Fluid

Differentials are composed of a series of gears that operate at high temperatures. Overtime, the fluid lubricating these gears will break down and develop a gooey texture that prevents the differential from working properly. If you continue to drive with a poorly lubricated differential, the gears will start to grind and cause expensive damage to your vehicle. By replacing this fluid, you can prevent premature wear on the differential's gears. Bring your car to V&F Auto Inc., and one of our expert technicians will drain the old fluid and replace it with fluid recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer. V&F Auto Inc.' service and repair center is located near Agawam, MA.

Power Steering Fluid

Cars today are heavy duty pieces of machinery—think about all the gears and gadgets it takes to move two tons of metal! So how is it that they are so easy to steer? A basic steering system operates by translating the rotational movement of the steering wheel into a directional shift in the wheels. As cars became heavier, however, the system required a little boost to generate enough force to direct the tires. Today, most vehicles are outfitted with power steering—a modified system that uses hydraulic pressure to assist the steering mechanism. In other words, when the steering wheel is turned, a valve releases highly pressurized fluid into the steering mechanism and pushes it in the direction the driver is turning. Overtime, this fluid can become contaminated by debris that has built up in the system and will need to be replaced. For this reason, power steering fluid should be checked and flushed regularly. Old fluid can cause expensive damage to other parts of your vehicle's steering system if left unchanged.

During a power steering flush, one of V&F Auto Inc.'s mechanics will attach a machine to the fluid reservoir. Inside the machine is an empty container for old fluid and a separate container filled with new fluid. Once attached, we will turn your vehicle on and begin turning its wheels. As we shift the steering wheel, the machine will collect the old fluid and replace it with the new. At V&F Auto Inc., we recommend that your power steering fluid be checked at every oil change. Low fluid levels can not only cause expensive damage to other components of your steering mechanism, but can reduce the effectiveness of your power steering. If you're experiencing any issues or just want to have your fluids checked, come by our service and repair center located in Agawam, MA. V&F Auto Inc.'s technicians are ready to put their knowledge and years of experience to get you steering smoothly!

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Oil Changes
Oil Changes
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