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Large-format printer-cutter MIMAKI SJV150-107

Large-format printer-cutter MIMAKI SJV150-107

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Device type: Printer - cutter Print Texnologiya: Inkjet Applications: outer seal Print Color: Color Number of colors: 10 Warranty, months: 12 Maximum size: 1090mm


Mimaki CJV150 - the latest series of affordable high - performance solvent plotters with combined printing functions and high - precision contour cutting, designed for a wide range of applications in indoor and outdoor advertising, vehicle graphics, packaging and labeling, and transport exhibition reklame. V Solvent plotters CJV150 series laid the extensive functionality features supported by the print quality control systems, advanced patented Mimaki technologies and new technical solutions, providing consistent print quality, high - precision contour cutting, productivity and usability operatora. Plottery Mimaki CJV150 equipped with high - speed piezo print head, which operates on a variable - volume droplet technology by which it is achieved an excellent performance to 56.2 m / chas. V Mimaki CJV150 eco - solvent ink used in the SS21 extended color palette consisting of, in addition to a standard set of CMYK, light cyan, light magenta, orange, light black, white and metallized tsveta. Plottery Mimaki CJV150 series are versatile systems and allow for small initial investment and operating costs to produce a wide range of printed products. These models focus on advertising companies that require high print quality, production flexibility and reliable operation of the equipment. Mimaki CJV150 easy to operate and are not demanding to maintain, they are advantageously suitable for both professionals and those who make the first steps in the field of large format printing. The exhibition FESPA - 2015 plotter Mimaki SJV150 won a prestigious award from the EDP (European Digital Printing Association) in the category "Best print and cut solution" . Seriya plotters Mimaki CJV150 represented by four modelyamiCJV150 - 75. The most affordable model in the line of plotters CJV150. Ideal for rapid production of simple labels, stickers, POS - materials and floor graphics. The maximum width of the material - 810 mm. CJV150 - 107. It provides quick withdrawal of high - quality printed products. Ideal for printing banners, paintings mobile stands, exhibition and floor graphics, large format posters, posters, art prints. The maximum width of the material - 1100 mm. CJV150 - 130. Plotter for printing POS - materials, large - format posters, art reproductions, outdoor promotional graphics. A little more than a relatively CJV150 - 107 sizes allow the use of this model is more widely. The maximum width of the material - 1371 mm. CJV150 - 160. The top model in the line CJV150. Plotter is focused on large format printing advertising high quality graphic images for avtostaylinga, faces signage and bulky light boxes. Large working width allows for a wide variety of printing tasks. The maximum width of the material - 1620 mm. Plotter Mimaki SJV150 prize won EDPMimaki SJV150 - 75 / 107/130 / plotters particularly 160Osnovnye Mimaki SJV150Skorost press - to 56.2 sq. m / hr (banner, CMYK, 360 x 360 dpi, 1 pass, bi - directional) . The max resolution - 1440 dpi. The incredible flexibility for any application - as many as four device model number of a work area of 800 mm width, 1090 mm, 1361 mm and 1610 mm. Vosmikanalnaya printhead operating at variable volume kapli. Unikalnaya technology to provide accurate positioning of the ink drops on the surface of the carrier technology . Trehstupenchataya heating system, which allows to achieve optimum size bitmap tochek. Dva the type of ink - SS21 and eco - solvent sublimation Sb53.10 - color ink configuration SS21 system including orange ink, a light black and white color inks Metallized Silver. Sistema ink supply UISS of double cartridges with automatic switching from the spent cartridge to polnyy. Optsionalnaya MBIS ink supply system from a larger container (2 L). automatic recognition system (NCU) and substitution (NRS) bad nozzles for continuous quality pechati. Funktsiya MAPS3 interpass compensation for errors and guarantee high quality prints without streaks and color raster processor neravnomernosti. Standartnaya equipment RasterLink6. The built - in plug - in software packages under FineCut8 Illustrator, and CorelDRAW, software Simple Studio Print - rezki. Dostupnaya price function, high konkurentosposobnost. Universalnye contour cutting function: the quality and additional features plotters Mimaki CJV150 contains all the advanced cutting functions inherent in the "older" series plotters CJV300. These include, in particular: the contour cutting by automatically recognizable metkam - function Over - cut, guarantees absolutely cutting loops and eliminates nedorezanny fragmenty - Corner - cut, providing high - quality cutting of contours with sharp uglami - function Segment correct function segment correction for precision cutting elements grouped on long polotnah - Half - Cut function for the dashed contour rezki - function Cut - and - print pre - cut to work smoothly with thin materialami. Mimaki CJV150 - function MAPS3Peredovaya quality control technology for printing Waveform control TechnologyChernila each color are different in density, tekuches and and viscosity. To achieve the correct positioning of the ink drops on the media, Mimaki's company developed for plotters CJV150 optimum waveform printhead aperture which allows, regardless of the physical properties of the ink is ejected ink droplets in all colors at the same angle without distorting their exact spherical shape. This unique technology is provided as the correct location of drops irrespective of their size - 4, 14 or 35 pl. Waveform Control Technology function enables, among other things, to play back high - definition text, thin lines, and the edge portions of the elements izobrazheniya. Innovatsionnaya system Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS3) provides a consistently high quality pechatiKak generally stripes formed at each pass the printheads are clearly defined boundaries, so any interpass inconsistency can lead to the appearance of parasitic strips and a color overlay in the border areas. Branded feature Mimaki MAPS3, implemented in plotters Mimaki CJV150, removes such errors simulated print gradations: on the boundaries of successive passes additional sprayed ink droplet, and the boundary appearing blurred disadvantages kompensiruyutsya. Kapli large volume of high quality for pechatiMimaki CJV150 - large volume droplets for high - quality pechatiPechatayuschie heads, which are equipped with plotters Mimaki CJV150, generating drops three volumes - 4, 14 and 35 pl. The droplets of small volume is formed a high quality image with high resolution, and large droplets are used under high - output image and monochrome printing homogeneous extended fills. Algorithm distribution of large droplets provides a high density of the raster by reducing the distances between points. Continuous Ink Supply System Uninterrupted Ink Supply System (UISS) Mimakis UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System) - a proprietary CISS which provides an uninterrupted supply of ink. In the 4 - color printing for each color are set two cartridges. When a cartridge is depleted, the system automatically switches to the second cartridge of the same color, enabling continuous printing without constant operator control. The automatic changeover of twin cartridges frees the user from the frequent replacement of cartridges and by continuous monitoring of the level of ink. Bright blue LEDs mounted on the cartridge platform used to indicate the currently - capacity, allowing accurately implement their replacement. The red indicator notifies users of any system used cartridge, or the absence of the cartridge in the slot. Substitution of spent cartridges may be carried out without interrupting printing protsessa. Sistema continuous ink supply Mimaki Bulk Ink System (MBIS III) Mimaki CJV150 - continuous ink supply system UISSDlya increase printing productivity, reduce print costs and lengthy non - stop printing jobs plotters Mimaki SJV150 optionally can be equipped with an economical system continuously feeding the ink from the tanks of large volume (2 liters per color). The plotter Mimaki SJV150 MBIS III system is mounted directly on the cartridge unit and requires no additional operating space. Alternative systems of continuous giving chernilV addition to the original ink system Mimaki UISS and MBIS company Smart - T offers users the alternative canned and packet CISS own design, which allows the use of inexpensive third - party ink. CISS is powered by Smart - T with a larger container ensures economical ink consumption, can reduce printing costs and significantly improve productivity. Supplied by Smart - T Continuous ink supply systems are installed without making any hardware design izmeneniy. Trehstupenchataya intelligent heating system ensures optimal size bitmap tochekMimaki CJV150 - intelligent heating sistemaEsli medium temperature adapted to seal properly, forming halftone dots optimum size and shape virtually impossible. The three - stage intelligent heating system integrated in plotters Mimaki CJV150, the temperature in each zone is maintained at a level that provides the best print quality. In addition, the heating system ensures rapid drying of the ink on the support surface, thus preserving the original brightness of the image and immediately after printing, without losing any time, to carry out further work with the recognition of bad otpechatkom. Funktsiya Nozzle Nozzle check unit (NCU) to maintain stable kachestvaPlottery Mimaki CJV150 equipped with the original function of the NCU recognition bad nozzle. Defective nozzles are detected automatically by the sensor monitoring ink droplets. In identifying the clogged nozzles NCU, the system automatically activates the cleaning function. If the nozzles are not restored performance cleaning, automatically connects the function of compensation for bad nozzles (NRS). Nozzle control is carried out by a special sensor at predetermined time intervals. Monitoring intervals can be set individually for each print mode. NCU function avoids the additional production costs resulting from the release of defective produktsii. Funktsiya indemnification outstanding Nozzle Nozzle recovery system (NRS) to maintain high proizvoditelnostiRanee when a standard function of cleaning the printheads did not bring positive results, it was necessary to stop printing and wait for a technician to restore the health of the print system. Jobs printer can resume operations only after completion of maintenance. NRS system realized as plotters Mimaki SJV150 enables even a roll of a nozzle portion before arrival of the service engineer to continue to print, providing consistent quality by replacing defective nozzles ispravnymi. Funktsiya clamp material with automatic clamping pereklyucheniemFunktsiya material with automatic pressing force Clamp - pressure automatic - It allows switching to relieve the operator from manual adjustments in the course of the entire cycle of printing / cutting. In accordance with the operational settings and material type plotter system regulates itself CJV150 number involved nip rollers and the pressure to provide optimum support movement, both during printing and during contour cutting. Quick eco - solvent ink SS21 support printing on high - speed rezhimahNovaya chemical formula SS21 ink is the result of advanced technological developments, significant expertise in inkjet printing matter and rich experience Mimaki specialists. High drying speed of the ink on the support surface is achieved by optimum balance of pigment particles penetrating into the surface material and the evaporation rate of the working of the solvent. The overall performance of a positive effect and the fact that printing can be performed with high density without blocking the nozzles and overflow of ink in high - speed modes. Prints made with ink SS21, immediately upon completion of the print ready for subsequent manipulations. Ink configuration ink Mimaki SS21C MY KC MYK Lc Lm Lk OrC MYK Lc Lm WC MYK Lc Lm W SiChernila Mimaki SS21 complementary colors extend the capabilities of color and help ensure exceptional quality monochrome grafikiOranzhevye ink Mimaki SS21Dlya improve the quality of full - color and monochrome images, color palette eco - solvent SS21 ink was supplemented orange and light black ink tsvetami. Oranzhevye (Or) expanding the color gamut and allow you to accurately reproduce colors colorimetric 94.8% atlases PANTONE. Extended colors makes it possible to improve color reproduction, for example, printing photographic still life of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as a high degree of reliability reproduce complex corporate color. Dark black ink (Lk) provides the optimal balance of gray scale and can achieve smooth gradient transitions with no visible raster and unwanted color shifts (to red or green) when printing black - and - white images, as well as to achieve a natural color bodily ottenkov. Svetlo - black ink for ink Mimaki SS21Belye bright and saturated grafikiIspolzovanie white ink allows to print on a transparent, colored and dark surfaces without reducing brightness of the image caused by the communication topropuskaniem basis and without color distortion caused by color of the material used. White ink Mimaki SS21 differ significantly from competing high density (25% ), which guarantees a high degree of opacity. This quality makes it possible to reduce the total amount of ink and still get saturation and contrast of the image. Formula SS21 white ink was developed in view of the evolution speed characteristics plotters Mimaki. SS21 ink stably behave in high speed printing modes and can increase the overall proizvoditelnost. Sistema recirculation of white and metallic ink (MCT) Firm system Mimaki recirculation of white and metallic ink prevents the loss of pigment in the pellet and ensures stable operation of the printhead. The system relieves the operator from the continuous monitoring of the white and metallic silver ink cartridges and thus print quality. In addition, the MCT system helps to reduce ink waste and thereby reduces production costs and minimizes the negative impact on the environment. Metallic Silver ink for ink spetseffektovMetallizirovannye Silver - a new generation Mimaki SS21 inks SS21Metallizirovannye provide the ability to produce unique print products with colored mirror effect (greeting cards, movie posters, labels, photos of persons in a satin dress, packaging design) and faithfully reproduces the metal parts of real objects. Formula SS21 metallic ink provides an excellent mirror effect, which is not attenuated even lamination. Silver ink big advantage is the possibility of manufacturing exclusive products in one working cycle without involving a printing process to other technologies - screen printing or hot stamping folgoy. Metallizirovannye ink SS21 differ increased to 1, 67 times compared to a standard ink series ES3 brightness, which is confirmed by laboratory tests carried out by the specialists of Mimaki. V RIP RasterLink6, which are equipped with plotters Mimaki CJV150, enclosing a library of 648 - metallic colors, which can be easily selected from Adobe Illustrator software package and used virtually endless color kombinatsiyah. Sublimatsionnye Sb53 ink for printing high plotnostyuSublimatsionnye ink Mimaki Sb53 water - based produces brilliant colors and print images I have a high optical density. Best results are achieved on polyester fabrics, which are widely used in the production of sportswear and swimwear. Sublimation ink Sb53 apart decorating utilitarian products used for the manufacture of flexible advertising indicia by ink thermal transfer pechati. Chernilnye configuration Sb53Bl MYK DkBl MYK Dk Lbl LmOptsionalnaya lights desktop (PRS) for comfortable control of the printing process and the printing service node plotters Mimaki JV150 can optionally be equipped with illumination system desktop (PRS), developed by engineers of the scientific department of the company Smart - T. Backlight allows without additional light sources comfortably monitor the print quality, loading and movement of material to carry out preventive and service operations. Desktop lighting system easy and quick to install, does not interfere with the movement of the carriage and complicates the work of operators and service engineers. Function e - mail and SMS - opovescheniyaPosredstvom internet connection via the LAN - interface status information plotters Mimaki JV150 - 130 / 160 is sent to the specified email address. The user is notified of the beginning and the end of a print job, a sudden stop printing due to the lowering of the ink to critical, material shortages or other errors. The operator, regardless of the distance, all the time in the course plotter status, even if the printing process was left without his control. The function of SMS - notification is implemented in the Series Mimaki JV - 150 by the specialists of the scientific department of the company Smart - T. On the front side of the plotter body submitted GSM - module, whereby a mobile phone sent a text notification about the beginning / end of the print job and the important work situations. In this way, the operator is given the ability to remotely control the printing process and to take prompt action in case of freelance situatsii. Rastrovy processor Mimaki Mimaki RasterLink6 RasterLink6Rastrovy processor can process images stored in various formats, it is easy to achieve accurate color reproduction, use multiple customized ICC - profiles at the same time (making it easy to test printing), it is rational to place the image on the virtual carrier, to carry out fragmentation, scaling, cut in ASTK, turns and other operations, as well as a preliminary task view in the main window. Easy to use intuitive software is provided by adherence to the clear bright icons. To simplify operation, all parameters are grouped in a single window. Logically associated one configuration or operation parameters most frequently used may be stored. Control of the printing process is carried out on the main screen. Mimaki RasterLink6 supports the three - layer printing with white and metallic ink printing, all the functions of contour cutting, but also makes it possible to promptly download updates.
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Large-format printer-cutter MIMAKI SJV150-107
Large-format printer-cutter MIMAKI SJV150-107
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