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Harrow disk DB-1,2h2N

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Harrow disk DB - 1,2h2N

What rink choose?

Recommended: spiral.

Spiral, slat or do not take the ice rink. Spiral roller crushes the soil better, but easily clogged with wet soil. Slat roller is less clogged, which means you will be able to run them on a moist soil, but refines it a bit worse. If you take the disc harrow without the rink, then lumps are large, the moisture will be worse to linger in the soil, and the soil will be more susceptible to wind erosion. Without rink sometimes take in orchards and vineyards, as well as to the administration for obkopki fire zones.



For more information about the spiral rink look here:

About slatted rink look here:



Skating rink on rigid supports or spring - loaded?

Recommended: a rigid support.

If you choose a roller with rigid supports, then the rink is 2 positions - rigid base and floating. The hard position supporting roller limits the depth of the disc harrow and better breaks lumps, because the weight of the disc harrow is transmitted to the rink. In the floating position, the depth of the disc harrow is only limited by the angle of attack, a skating rink operates under its own weight, and repeats the ground contours. If you choose a spring - loaded support, then you will float position and a rigid position, and an intermediate - a spring - loaded position, and in the spring - loaded roller position will take the weight off disc harrows, as well as repeating the relief of the soil.



What drives to choose - smooth or "daisy"?

Recommended: "daisy" discs.

Some experts say, should I say, there are rumors that when the smooth disc handling horizon (ie the bottom of the loose soil diskovannoy) more equal, and it's good, so you should put the smooth disks. But while working on tolstosteblevym crop residues, such as corn and sunflower, smooth drive will not crash into the ground, so the disc harrow does not enter into the soil and bury. That is why the most commonly used CD "daisy", he cuts his teeth and perfectly deepens. Some farmers put the first number of "daisy" wheels, the second - smooth wheels & nbsp - .



Watch a video about the smooth disk and "daisy»:



What drives the manufacturer to choose?

Recommended: Caesar (China).


Caesar (China) - is the most popular manufacturer at present, these drives are installed by default on 95% of disc harrows production Rodogost - Mash. The manufacturer issued the test report 2. & Nbsp -

The first - "Caesar" discs compared with the Italian "Ofas" and proved to be very worthy, giving the Italians only 1 mm wear. Here is a link to the test report:

The second - "Caesar" discs compared with the Spanish "Bellota", and in this test, won "Caesar" discs, beating the Spaniards to 0.9 mm. Here is a link to the test report:



Manufacturer "Chelsan" (Turkey) claims that they make drives for known imported machinery KUHN, Vaderstad, Amazone, UNIA. In addition to words, it is in no way confirmed, but the wheels go well.



Manufacturer "Ofas" from Italy. Some customers do not trust the Chinese, nor the Turks, and always choose the European quality, so we added them in the box.



Installation disks classic or clamp?

Recommended: classic.

In the classical setting drive running at break, and there is a load on the bearing, so bearings fail more often in the cutting unit. It is important to understand that with the correct assembly of the cutting unit bearing load is evenly distributed, and the bearings are generally not often fly. If you have heard from someone that he had to be changed every season bearings, then most likely, it was not because of the load, but because Krivorukov manufacturers. Drives on the clamp is removed from the entire load bearing and it really extends the service life. But there is a minus - the angle of attack adjustment range is reduced. I will try to explain why . . . When the disc is inserted in the classical way, the disc is the lower point on the axis of rotation of the rack, and changing the angle of attack, the disc remains in place. If the disk is mounted on the clamp, the bottom of the disk is offset relative to the rotational axis of the rack, and so if you change the angle of attack will drive away a little to the side. And because the first row and the second row are mirrored, then the change of angle of attack of the first series will go in one direction and the other in the other - and we have flaws.



What are the cutting units to choose?

Recommended: serviced.

Unfortunately, I have no data, any of them last longer, and there is no data on which the bearings will run longer. But the majority of farmers takes serviced, and they say: "It is better to lubricate and tighten up, then you know that everything is fine there. "



With respect to you and your business,

Lysenko Paul, founder of the "AGRONOM" Ltd.








Main characteristics Required tractor power (hp) 25 aggregation type: mounted Width (m. ): 1.2 Number of rows of working elements (pcs. ): 2 Number of working bodies (pcs. ): 6 Number of rollers (pcs. ): one Weight (Kg. ): 550 Design features Disc diameter (mm. ): 560 The distance between the rotors (mm. ) 320 The distance between the rows of working elements (mm. ) 900 The cross section of the main frame tubes (mm. ) 100h100h5 performance specifications Working depth (cm. ): eighteen Performance (ha / h): 3 The angle of attack (degrees) 0 - 30 Operating speed (km / h): 8 - 12 Transport speed (km / h) to 25 Dimensions in working position Length (mm. ) 2365 Width (mm. ) 1200 Height (mm. ) 1245
Great for:
  • shredding crop residues
  • spring / autumn plowing
  • processing grassed meadows
  • steaming
  • plowing between rows in orchards and vineyards
Also used for: & nbsp -
  • disking after plowing
  • preparing the ground for sowing
  • obkopka fire zones & nbsp -
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