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Glitter additive for zincate electrolyte of TsPB (semi-bright coating) – NPO "Tehnolog" |
Buy Glitter additive for zincate electrolyte of TsPB (semi-bright coating)
Glitter additive for zincate electrolyte of TsPB (semi-bright coating)

Glitter additive for zincate electrolyte of TsPB (semi-bright coating)

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Products: Brightening additive for zincate electrolyte TsPB (semi - bright coating) price buy wholesale manufacturer Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan 

TU 2482 - 041 - 00209295 - 2003



The brightening additive TsPB is designed to work in an alkaline cyanide - free electrolyte of the composition:

  • NaOH (80 - 130) g/l;
    ZnO (6 - 15) g/l;
    additive CPB (3 - 4) g / l.

Additive TsPB - used for protective and decorative galvanizing - to a large extent combines the positive characteristics of the additive TsM with improved decorative properties of the coating. Guaranteed coating thickness 30 microns.

EFFECT : easy purification of wastewater from zinc salts by simple neutralization.


Electrolyte with the addition of CPB withstands overheating up to 50 - 55 0С

Coating characteristics according to TU 2482 - 041 - 00209295 - 2003.

Non - clarified coating - gray, sediment over the entire plate; clarified coating - a bluish semi - shiny deposit over the entire plate, slight haze and vertical stripes are allowed in the current density range of 0.2 - 0.6 A / dm2

The use of CPB additives is recommended when a combination of good decorative properties of the coating is required with the need for dehydration or the application of a zinc coating of considerable thickness.

The low effective concentration of the CPB additive, combined with high stability in an alkaline environment, leads to a very low consumption (3–6 g per 1 m2 of a 9 µm thick coating), which is determined to a greater extent by electrolyte carryover and the purity of the reagents used.

Additive TsPB is compatible and interchangeable with additives NBTs, Ts1B, A1DM, TsKN - 01 and other analogues. A smooth transition from one additive to another without changing the electrolyte is possible.

The combination of performance characteristics and the low cost of the additive make zincate electrolyte the cheapest and most promising for replacing cyanide (highly toxic) and slightly acidic (low scattering power and environmentally hazardous) electrolytes.

The CPB additive belongs to low - hazard substances ( hazard class 4) .

The company produces:

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  • Bactericidal preparations of the LPE series: LPE - 11, LPE - 32
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  • Cationic type flocculants
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  • Composition for degreasing and pickling OT - 1
  • Cleansing additive TsK - 1
  • Fatliquoring compositions for the leather industry
  • Elastin (m. N, D, O, E, N - 52)

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  • Primer GPB - 1
  • Varnish BT - 5100
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Glitter additive for zincate electrolyte of TsPB (semi-bright coating)
Glitter additive for zincate electrolyte of TsPB (semi-bright coating)
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