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Galega - diabetes balm

Galega - diabetes balm

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It is recommended to Galega balsas to apply:

  • at diabetes of I and ll-go of types;
  • at the diseases of a pancreas which are the reason of diabetes;
  • at diseases of a liver, stomach, intestines (pancreatitis, cholecystitis, gastritis, colitis, hepatitis etc.);
  • at TsNS diseases (vascular diseases of a brain, organic damage of a brain, violation of concentration of attention, bad memory, increased fatigue)
  • at sleeplessness and drowsiness in the afternoon days;
  • at diseases of urinogenital system, including diseases of kidneys, gynecologic diseases, diseases of a prostate gland and decrease in sexual function.
  • at diseases of respiratory system;
  • at diseases of a thyroid gland;
  • with the increased arterial pressure - effectively promotes pressure decrease;
  • at violation in endocrine system - promotes restoration of exchange processes;
  • at infectious and bacterial processes;
  • for restoration of immunity and the prevention of the diseases caused by the increased sugar level;
  • at obesity;
  • at inflammatory and infectious processes in joints;
  • at the violation of work of cardiovascular system caused by the excess level of sugar, atherosclerosis;
  • at deterioration in sight at diabetes;
  • at diabetic frustration of nervous system (polyneuropathy) - effectively promotes restoration of nervous fibers.


The Galega or the second name a kozlyatnik medicinal is applied to decrease in level of sugar in blood at diabetes, to reduction of doses of insulin at treatment of diabetes, with the lowered pressure. Extract of this plant increases quantity of a glycogen in a liver and positively influences tolerance to glucose. The inulin which is contained in a galega medicinal (40%), has the expressed hypoglycemic effect.

The highly active components which are a part of Galega balm were picked carefully up by experts in necessary proportions therefore strengthen positive action of each other.

  • LINDEN FLOWERS - possess diuretichesky, anti-inflammatory, febrifugal and expectorant action
  • The GOLD ROOT - increases protective forces of an organism, doing it unreceptive to stresses. Along with it, gold root positively influences a dream and appetite. The all-strengthening means, stimulates cerebration, improves memory and attention. Raises a potentiality, promotes splitting of fatty tissue, intensifies function of a thyroid gland.
  • BILBERRY - reduces sugar, possesses the toning and anti-inflammatory action, increases immunity, possesses antineoplastic properties, brings slags and salts of metals out of an organism, improves sight (especially in a night-time).
  • ELDER BLACK - is applied as laxative, diuretichesky means at treatment of diseases of kidneys, diabetes and possesses antineoplastic action.
  • HARICOT SHUTTERS - shutters of haricot are rich with amino acids — argininy and a lysine which getting to a human body, go for construction of own proteins including insulin. Contain zinc which stimulates production of insulin with a pancreas. Contain cellulose which allows to prevent sharp jumps of sugar.
  • The DOGROSE - is diuretic and zhelchegonny means, improves function of a digestive tract, reduces amount of cholesterol in blood and stops development of atherosclerosis.
  • The DANDELION ROOT - reduces sugar. Improves work of a pancreas and gastrointestinal tract, appetite, a metabolism, strengthens release of milk at the feeding mothers. Possesses antitubercular and antivermicular action. Raises hemoglobin.
  • DEVYaSIL - reduces sugar, possesses anti-inflammatory action at diseases of a gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, urinogenital system. Renders expectorant, diuretic, wound healing, krovoochistitelny, glistogonny action.
  • The GINSENG - reduces sugar in blood, improves work of a pancreas, improves gas exchange in lungs, has the toning and soothing effect. Stimulates work of TsNS: working capacity, concentration of attention, resistance to stresses increases; removal of chronic fatigue. Stimulates sexual activity.
  • LEMON ACID - promotes clarification of an organism from harmful substances, excess salts, slags, to removal of toxins, positively influences work of system of digestion, improves sight, burns carbohydrates, increases immunity.


Natural components of balm effectively normalize sugar level in blood, prevent the changes caused by the excess content of sugar (obesity, venous insufficiency, the increased arterial pressure, heartbeat, diabetic foot, injury of joints etc.), restore exchange processes.

Vegetable Galega balm influences not only diabetes symptoms - the raised sugar, and the reason of its emergence - pancreas diseases (which in traditional medicine are not treated) and a liver. Therefore course reception of Galega balm helps to get rid of diabetes and to restore the damaged bodies and systems in an organism.


Method of application: inside on 1 h l. 3 times a day in 30 min. prior to food. A reception course – 30 days.

The product is not medicine. Dietary supplement is not.
All results are especially individual and depend on features of an organism.

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Galega - diabetes balm
Galega - diabetes balm
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