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Frozen pipe thawing and repair order in Coralville
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Frozen pipe thawing and repair

Frozen pipe thawing and repair

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Thaw Frozen Pipes

If you suspect frozen pipes, the recommended course of action is to carefully inspect the surrounding area as soon as possible. In order to thaw frozen pipes properly, the suspected frozen area must be located in its entirety first. When thawing a frozen pipe, the running water through the pipe will actually help melt the ice. Be sure to keep the faucet open when you defrost frozen pipes.Heating frozen pipes is often the best treatment. Apply heat to the entire section of the pipe that is frozen. You may use a towel and hot water to thaw the frozen pipe. Wrap the towel around the area and pour hot water on it. You can also use a hair dryer, a portable space heater or pipe thawing machines. However, do not use a blowtorch or any other open flame device to defrost frozen pipes. The blowtorch can make the water in the frozen pipes boil, causing the pipes to explode. Also keep in mind that open flame devices can cause a serious fire in your house. Do not put antifreeze on the water line. Antifreeze is dangerous to human, pets and the environment. For safety purposes during frozen pipes repair, it is best to hire plumbers .

If the frozen pipes are inaccessible or if you are unable to locate the frozen pipe area, call a professional right away. You need to have all frozen pipes defrosted because if one pipe is still frozen, the others may freeze too.

For increased protection, relocate all exposed water lines to prevent them from freezing. Additional insulation will also maintain high temperature and reduce the probability of your having frozen pipes.

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Frozen pipe thawing and repair
Frozen pipe thawing and repair
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