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Fabulous collection - miracle yagodnitsa strawberries

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Strawberries, grown without chemicals, is an invaluable storehouse of vitamins and minerals. In addition, it has excellent taste qualities. The only negative - the cultivation of strawberries is a very time - consuming process, it takes a lot of time and effort. That is why the collection Fairy miracle yagodnitsa strawberries intended to facilitate you with this task. Is an innovative design that allows you to grow up healthy and tasty fruits all year at home without any difficulty, cost and time.


Gives the crop that allows you to consume wholesome and fresh food in both summer and winter. It requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to grow fragrant harvest, without the slightest effort. The only negative - it is a low frost resistance of plants, but if you want to grow strawberries at home, you have nothing to fear. Installed on the fabulous collection price favorably. So, regularly buying berries (especially in the off - season), you pay too much and in the end there is always a risk that you buy products that are exposed to strong chemical treatment. Berries are environmentally friendly because they are grown in the home and do not contain chemicals or any pesticides. In using them, you really saturate your body with necessary nutrients.


Special biostimulant growth has been developed by leading experts and specialists. It increases the protective properties of plants at the molecular level. It stimulates rapid growth. It is not necessary to use synthetic materials in order to speed up the results. Significantly reduced the risk of infectious diseases of seedlings is greatly improved adaptation to environment. This mechanism of action allows to ripen fabulous collection is much faster than conventional plants. Significantly increases the concentration of nutrients in the fruit. They retain all their flavor and nutritional quality, pulp density and sugar content of strawberry is also improved.

What is included

Reviews of strawberry miracle yagodnitsy only confirm its effectiveness. The set is fully equipped with everything necessary. It is a tropical ground, which allows to cultivate really high quality facilities as quickly as possible nourishing biosubstrates and seeds. This combination makes the plant quite unpretentious, contributing to its accelerated growth and increased productivity.

Mode of application

What to do to grow tasty strawberries in their on the windowsill? Just enough to water the seeds according to the directions contained in the instructions and the result will not take long.

If you decide to wonder yagodnitsu Fairy collection to buy, you can be sure you have found a surefire way to really provide for themselves and their loved ones stock of vitamins and minerals, significantly improve the performance of the whole organism. There are no toxic compounds, pesticides, chemicals and other hazardous substances. Eat ripe fruit can do everything, including children.

Strawberry compensates deficiency of vitamins A, C, E, H and PP, group B, as well as valuable minerals (phosphorus, sodium, iodine, zinc, calcium, potassium). Its active ingredients to improve the condition of the heart muscle, strengthen it, and normalize the blood circulation. Serve as a reliable prevention of pathological conditions, stimulate the brain activity, increase endurance, neutralized the destructive action of free radicals. Each cell is saturated with the necessary amount of moisture and oxygen, improves the skin, hair and nails. Remember that Strawberry has powerful antioxidant properties, it is very effective and is great for people who suffer from arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, osteochondrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It improves and your vision returns to normal intraocular pressure.

But all this gives you a product really grown in ecologically clean environment without various additives. Using innovative technology has allowed to keep yagodnitse absolutely all its useful properties, and especially, say that biosubstrates stimulates the natural growth of plants.

Many who had already Fairy collection order, argue that yagodnitsa brings the first fruits in 3 - 4 weeks. Subsequently preform will produce three to five kilograms of fresh strawberries every 14 days. With proper care fruiting periods up to three years. Additional costs for maintenance is not required.


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