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Anabolic Halo Sports Nutrition

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The Anabolic Halo™ Cometh! It forces its way into you... Through you... Around you. Its subzero shock takes over. It engages an anabolic phenomenon from within... Leaving your muscles with no choice but to grow. What is this thing you're feeling... This chilling sensation? The cryogenic technology processes key ingredients into enhanced matter states. The anabolic charge invades and engulfs your muscles. It crushes catabolism and commands your muscles to grow. It's the most critical formula in your musclebuilding arsenal. It's the anabolic halo!

The Power Of The Anabolic Halo™

The Anabolic Halo™ Multi-platform cycle tackles the 6 critical elements required for muscle growth.

1. Insulin manipulation: The first element directly manipulates insulin, allowing vital nutrients to be shuttled into the cell, creating a rich anabolic environment that leads to rapid and dramatic increases in muscle size.

2. Anabolic transcription factor (ATF-4) modulation: The second element manipulates the anabolic transcription factor, ATF-4, by upregulating insulin, one of the body's most powerful musclebuilding hormones. ATF-4 plays a critical role in hormonal regulation of amino acid and protein anabolism.

3. Inhibition of catabolic machinery: The third element ensures anabolism by waging war against the destructive effects of catabolism. By regulating the activity of the key biochemical mediators of muscle catabolism, Anabolic Halo™ shuts off the switches that limit muscle size after you train.

4. Greater free-testosterone utilization: The fourth crucial element in Anabolic Halo™ catapults you into unrestrained growth over time by increasing the number of androgen receptors for enhanced free testosterone utilization at the muscle fiber level. Note: free testosterone is the only usable form of testosterone for pure, unadulterated growth. Science proves it! In a 21-day human clinical study, just one of the powerful anabolic compounds in Anabolic Halo increased the number of pre-workout androgen receptors compared to results produced by a placebo. Anabolic halo increases the number of androgen receptors and increases the utilization of your testosterone, without the worry of shutting down your testosterone production. End result: Anabolic Halo™ Drives anabolically active testosterone directly into muscle cells! The findings were so astonishing that they were published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

5. Satellite cell activation: New physiology research has demonstrated that a key active ingredient in Anabolic Halo™, in combination with training, dramatically amplifies the number of satellite cells and myonuclei concentration in human muscle! Satellite cell activation is the fifth critical element of Anabolic Halo™.

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Anabolic Halo Sports Nutrition
Anabolic Halo Sports Nutrition
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