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Ammonium nitrate

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  • ColorГранулы белого цвета или слегка окрашенные, без механических примесей.

Universal highly concentrated nitrogen fertilizer containing ammonium and nitrate forms of nitrogen in equal amounts to provide plant nutrition for a long time.

Suitable for both direct individual application and for the preparation of fertilizer mixtures. It has excellent physical and chemical characteristics, which facilitates storage and application. Completely water soluble. It can be applied on all soils and under all crops. Most effective in spring and summer feeding of agricultural plants.


Appearance - Granules of white color or slightly colored, without mechanical impurity.

Mass fraction of total nitrogen (N), % including - 34.4

mass fraction of ammonium nitrogen, % - 17.2

mass fraction of nitrate nitrogen, % - 17.2

Granulometric composition, % Mass fraction of granules with size, mm less than 1, not more than - 3

от 1 до 4, не менее - 95

более 6 - 0

Рассыпчатость, % - 100

Хранить в сухом изолированном помещении, исключающем попадание влаги и прямых солнечных лучей.

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