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Rigid Fiberglass Acoustical Board Insulation for appliances, acoustical, and other special situations is available in all densities, thicknesses, widths, and lengths. Rigid Fiberglass can be purchased in faced or unfaced. Insul-SHIELD® is a series of semi-rigid or rigid thermal and acoustical fiber glass insulating boards for custom curtain wall applications. They are made from inorganic glass fibers bonded with a thermosetting binder. The insulating boards are typically used where framing is not present. Faced Insul-SHIELD boards (FKS-25, PSK or Black Faced) can be used where a vapor barrier is needed. FSK facing has the best fire performance characteristics and helps maximize lighting efficiency. Insul-SHIELD Black provides a semi-rigid substrate beneath the fabric treatment used on theater side walls. The black, mat-faced insulation provides adequate shadowing behind any surface treatment. Equipment Spin-Glas Board is a rigid board manufactured from fine, rotary-process glass fibers bonded with a special thermosetting resin. Thermal and Acoustical Solution. Equipment Spin-Glas Board can be used in a variety of applications that require good thermal and acoustical efficiency in a minimal space. Appliance and Equipment Applications. Because the glass fibers in Equipment Spin-Glas Board are extremely fine, they create an enormous number of minute air spaces, making the insulation highly effective for sound absorption and thermal properties. These glass fibers are resistant to the effects of moisture, oil, grease, and most acids. Because these fibers are highly resilient, they resist settling, breakdown or sagging from vibration. They yield readily to impact and protect facings from puncture or tearing. Equipment Spin-Glas Board provides neat, square corners for an improved, finished appearance for equipment systems.
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Acoustical Insulation
Acoustical Insulation
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